Yossi, Yasser, & Other Soldiers, is a collection of poems about war by Jon Sebba.  


On this site, you will be able to find biographical information about the author; dates and locations of appearances, readings and other events.  There are also excerpts from the book including reviews, comments of Dr. Rob Carney, Contest Judge, several sample poems, Jon's philosophy, what motivates him to "get the word out,"  and how to contact him.


Jon was born in South Africa, educated as a geologist in Israel and as a civil  engineer in the U.S.  When the 1967 Arab-Israeli Six-Day War began, he was married with an infant child.  As an Israeli reservist, he was mobilized to fight in Jerusalem, while his wife and four-month old son huddled in a bomb shelter.  After he was demobilized the effects of this and other wars sank in. He realized that war is no way to find peace.  He is driven to share what he has learned.  


Jon writes poems about the impact of war from the perspectives of both the combat soldier and the bystander.  His subjects are drawn from first-hand reports - his own experiences and those of other soldiers - as well as from news reports, and his vision of what peace may look like.  In addition to the Six-Day War and its aftermath, he draws material from WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Iraq, and from Afghanistan (Russian and American campaigns).


He writes to describe and witness for the civilian, the truth about war.  Above all he writes to encourage other soldiers to talk, and to urge all readers to reject the cost and conflict in all its forms. 


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